Our Mission

PHA Handwriting Analysis Sdn. Bhd. (PHA) is dedicated to provide services on forensic examination of handwriting, signature and document.

In this age of modern communications, method of fraud, forgery and scam has become more sophisticated and versatile. In spite of the electronic communications used in the business, corporation, government agencies and individuals, paper documents and signature handwritten with ink are still the way for business transactions.

We provide consultative services for civil, criminal, domestic and business disputes and other controversies hinge on alleged irregularities in cheques, wills, contracts and agreements, insurance policies, deeds, invoices, threat letters, job applications, letter of instructions, contract of sales, marriage or divorce papers, bank account and credit card applications and other questioned documents.

PHA regularly works with lawyers, investigators and other private organisation, providing a wide range of document examination services.

Our trained and experienced professional use scientific examination and analysis to establish the validity of documents and to detect evidence of tampering or handling of documents. We relied upon a combination of principles used successfully for the past century, the techniques and technology that are at the leading edge of 21st century science.

What We Do

Forensic Documents Examination and Handwriting Analysis:

Types of Document Examined

Types of document include, but not limited to the following:

Where to Get Handwriting Samples

Source of specimen documents include, but not limited to the following: