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Pang Chan Kok, William, Senior Forensic Handwriting and Questioned Document Examiner

Pang Chan Kok, William

Senior Forensic Handwriting and Questioned Document Examiner

Senior Forensic Handwriting and Questioned Document Examiner
Apprenticeship and Training (1999 – 2009)
Apprenticeship and Training under Christopher Anderson, Chris Anderson & Co Pty Ltd, 2nd Floor, 835 Pennant Hills Road, Carlingford, New South Wales, Australia.


Examination of thousands of signatures in hundreds of cases in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and Hong Kong. Since 1999, Mr. Pang has been involved in document examination including:

  • Handwriting Identification and Discrimination
  • Signature Comparison
  • Disguised and Anonymous Handwriting
  • Altered Numbers and Altered Documents
  • Suspect and Questioned Documents
  • Erased and Whiteout Writing Detection
  • Indented Writing Restoration
  • Ultraviolet and Infrared Examination
  • Public Presentations and Training Programs

He has studied numerous textbooks and articles on the subject and he is continuously upgrading his reference library with new texts and articles to ensure that his knowledge of developments in this field is current.

The courts he has testified include the Family, Labour, Syariah, Subordinate and the High courts in Singapore and Malaysia regarding questioned documents on civil and criminal matters.


Completed tests in 2006, 2013, 2015 and 2016 Forensic Testing Program in Questioned Document Examination administered by Collaborative Testing Services Sterling, VA USA. These tests are in cooperation with the Questioned Document Section-American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS).

CTS tests forensic laboratories in more than 50 countries worldwide. CTS provide a critical and unbiased tool for evaluating a laboratory’s overall performance.

12th - 14th September 2006

Asian High Security Printing Conference Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

22nd – 28th August, 2005

International Association of Forensic Sciences, Hong Kong

13th – 17th May, 2002

6th International Symposium on the Forensic Sciences Canberra, Australia


Forensic Document Expertise Development Workshop conducted by (NIFS) National Institute of Forensic Science, Australia and SMANZFL (New Zealand) in Canberra.

Courses Conducted:
  • Casino Regulatory Authority of Singapore – Handwriting identification and fraudulent documents
  • DBS Finance Singapore – Individuality of Handwriting
  • JP Morgan Singapore – Handwriting Analysis and Identification
  • GIC Realty of Singapore – A Practical Course on the Examination of Questioned Documents
  • LGT Bank in Liechtenstein Singapore – Signature Verification
  • Marketing Institute of Singapore – Handwriting Analysis and identification
  • Singapore Institute of Management – Handwriting Analysis and identification
  • Singapore Institute of Management Singapore – Alerting Yourself to Fraudulent Documents
  • HSBC Bank Kuala Lumpur – Signature Verifications and Fraud Techniques
  • Skrine Kuala Lumpur – Signature Verifications and Fraud Techniques
  • Kuala Lumpur Bar Council – A Deeper Look into the Principles of Signature and Handwriting Examinations
  • Kuala Lumpur Bar Council – Scientific Methods to Review Forged & Altered Cheques
  • Price Waterhouse Coopers, Kuala Lumpur – Deeds, Wills, and Forgery
Articles Published
  • Forgery – DBS Finance Journal – 2000
  • Handwritten Tales – & Family – April 2001
  • Handwriting Can Be Identified regardless of Script –‘Star’ Newspaper – Aug 20 2010
  • Fraudster Gets Tech Savy and Cheque fraud – ‘Star’ Newspaper – Apr13 2014
  • The American College of Forensic Examiners (2000)
  • Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners (SAFE)
Tay Eue Kam, Forensic Document Examiner

Tay Eue Kam

Forensic Document Examiner

Forensic Document Examiner
Apprenticeship (2013 – Current)
Apprenticeship training under William Pang a Forensic Handwriting and Questioned Document Examiner, HFDE Services Pte. Ltd. Singapore. The Apprenticeship program includes : site examination, preparation of material for examination, report writing, preparation of exhibits for court testimonial and attending court sessions as observer.

Education and Certification

Undergoing the certification study program by IADE (International Association of Document Examiner) conducted by Ms. Katherine Koppenhaver, of Forensic Document Examiners Inc, a Board Certified Document Examiner and the founder of IADE.

February 2014 - October 2015

  • Certificate of Completion in the Training Course in Questioned Handwriting and Document Examination, by Mr. Reed Hayes of ReedWrite Handwriting Expert, Hawaii, USA.
  • The course consisted of 26 lessons and exams, numerous supplementary cases and many practical cases. Actual case material is utilized and, in many instances, original documentation is provided for the student’s examination. Students are required to work several actual cases and pass an extensive final exam in order to qualify for the Certificate of Training.

Training included, but was not limited to the following topics:

  • History of Handwriting
  • Examination of signatures and initials
  • Anonymous writing
  • Disguised writing
  • Handwriting measurements
  • Evaluation of printing and numerals
  • Handwriting variables/Comparison standards
  • Typewriting and fonts/Writing instruments
  • Altered documents/Examining non-original documents
  • Determining sequence of document entries
  • Degrees of opinion
  • Report writing

Academic Qualifications

1998 – Bachelor of Science (Hons) Degree majoring in Mathematics from University Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia
2001 – Master of Business Administration (MBA) program with Multimedia University, Cyberjaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


  • Forensic Science Society Malaysia (FSSM)
  • Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners (SAFE)
  • International Association of Document Examiners (IADE)

Published Research and Articles

“Detecting Frixion Pen Erasable Ink” – publication in the International Journal of The Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners, Volume 5, 2017-2018

Presentation and Seminar

  • 25th July, 2019 – Presented at National Forsensic Science Symposium 2019 (FSSM) – “Classification of Individual According to Ethnic Gorups in Malaysia using Numeral Characters – A Preliminary Study”
  • 25th August, 2018 – Presented at International Association of Document Examiners (IADE) – “Chinese Writing”
  • 29th March, 2017 – Presented at the Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners (SAFE) monthly Education Seminar – “Non English Writing – Chinese Handwriting”

Continuing Education


  • Aug 1, 2019 – “Disguised Signature”, Reed Hayes, CDE
  • Jun 27, 2019 – “Methods for Examination of Electronic Documents”, by Dough Carner, AVFA. CFHI, CCFE, CPP
  • Feb 28, 2019 – ” Challenges of Fundamental Differences in Writing”, Reed Hayes, CDE, and Beverly East
  • April 25, 2018 – “Cross Examination of Expert Witness from the Trial Lawyer Perspective”, Nancy L Stagg, Kilpatrick Townsend, Partner
  • Mar 22, 2018 – “Digital Microscope ‘Zarbeco Miscope'”, by Dave Zweig
  • May 31, 2017 – “The NEGA ACPC software package – “Digital – Xray””, by Dave Madden, BSc. (Hons), DIS, CSG.CDE
  • Mar 29, 2017 – “Examining foreign handwriting and signatures”, by Reed Hayes-CFDE, Eue Kam Tay-FDE, Mike Mara-FDE, Mike Wakshull, CFDE
  • Oct 26, 2016 – “Disguised Writing”, by Bob Baier, CDE
  • May 25, 2016 – “SAFE Standard Guideline” & “Writing Instruments”, by Reed Hayes, CDE
  • Mar 24, 2016 – “Preparing CV”, by Reed Hayes and “Ethical Perspective of a Document Examiner”, by Sheila Lowe, SAFE
  • Mar 9, 2016 – “Using Power Point to do Overlay”, by Beth Chrisman, IADE
  • Jan 27, 2016 – “Authentication Studies of Art and Documents – A Microscopical Approach”, by Joseph Barabe, Senior Research Microscopic at Barabe & Associates LLC
  • Dec 17, 2015 – “Limited Exemplars and Their Use in Forming Expert Opinions”, by Jacqueline A. Joseph, CDE, D-BFDE, Certified Forensic Document Examiner
  • Jul 31, 2015 – 2015 SAFE International Online Conference

Proficiency Test - administered by Collaborative Testing Services, Inc (CTS)

This Program is included on CTS’ Scope of Accreditation to ISO/IEC 17043:2010.

  • 2015 – 2018 Collaborative Testing Services Proficiency Test in Handwriting Examination (Test 524)